Next Steps
Domain Name Service

Like trademarks in the old-economy, purchasing your own domain name provides an easy way for customers to access your business on the web. By default, Bondware sites are created with generic addresses such as After purchasing a domain name, we can easily make your site accessible on the web with your own domain name (ie. Please contact for more details.

Add-On Apps

Bondware is committed to providing powerful e-business applications to enhance your site. You can purchase these online in the Bondware Store and install them immediately using the Add-On manager in the Admin portion of your site. Sophisticated features such as instant messaging, e-commerce, collaborative forums, webrings, or our innovative revenue builder product are ready to go to work for you.

Email Accounts

Once you have your own domain name for your web site, you can also use that domain name for your email. In the example above, if your company were called Myco and your name was John Smith, you might want your customers to communicate with you as We can set this up quickly and easily.

Merchant Accounts

The key to taking credit card orders on the Web is establishing a Merchant account. Bondware supports all the major credit cards and most of the major payment gateways. The only remaining step is obtaining your merchant account from your bank or ISO (Independent Sales Organization). We can help you obtain a Merchant account for your business.

If you have further questions about any of these additional services, please consult the online support materials at, email us at or call us at 1-615-333-7775.

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