Mike Toomey 8:00 PM

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Thurs. Feb. 2 St. Charles 8:00 PM Purchase Tickets
Fri. Feb. 3 St. Charles 8:00 PM Purchase Tickets
Sat. Feb 4 St. Charles 7:30 PM Purchase Tickets
Sat. Feb 4 St. Charles 9:45 PM Purchase Tickets
$20.00 + 2 item food/bev. minimum – No Coupons or Discounts Accepted on Saturday

Artist Bio: Mike Toomey

With his Sharp Delivery, quick wit, and unique style, Mike Toomey has been a favorite at comedy clubs and special events since 1982. Mike has appeared in concert with such names as Wayne Newton, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Reba McIntyre. He has performed on numerous television programs including; HBO’s U.S. comedy Arts Festival in Aspen Colorado; MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour; and A&E’s Comedy on the Road.

Mike is also the creator and star of the hilarious one-person show “TV & Me”, which enjoyed a highly successful run at Chicago’s Apollo Theater.

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