Tim Harrison 8:00 PM

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Thur. Oct. 26 St. Charles 8:00 PM Purchase Tickets
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$22.00 + 2 item food/bev. minimum – No Coupons or Discounts Accepted on Saturday

As seen on Showtime, Comedy Central and ‘View from the Cheap seats’.

Artist Bio: Tim Harrison

Being a veteran of over 30 years of marriage, People ask me ‘Whats the secret to a long marriage?’

If I was to fathom a guess I would say the secret is…Keep all your secrets a SECRET…THAT’S the secret!

Tim is like the guy you hang out with after work or some guy who happens to sit down on the barstool next to you and the next few hours pass like a breeze. And…you just feel good about it.

Whether you’re discussing the trials and tribulations of being a parent, sports fan or just lighthearted sexual observations, you’re laughing at the fact that you’re not alone.

Tim is a Chicago veteran of the ‘Stand-up’ stage. Performing nationally and internationally for the past 30 years.

-Writer/Creator of the one man show ‘Parents After Dark.’ Rated ‘R’ for sexual content….. ‘Funny as Hell’ Sexual content!

-Appropriately ‘Inappropriate!’

-Winner of Nat’l Lampoon’s Comedy Playoffs.

So grab your date, have a seat and let Tim enlighten you further. You’ll be surprised what your Psyche is willing to laugh at.

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